I am a born and bred South Londoner and have had a life long interest in
the effect  the War had on the area. In particular, I am intrigued by
stories I heard about the V1's and V2'  from my family who lived in  
Dulwich and Beckenham.  I decided to find out for myself exactly what
the impact was both in terms of destruction of buildings and also the
tragic fatalities. The South London I know and love today has very much
been moulded by these events and I wanted to find out exactly what
happened in each street. I spent countless hours pouring over Bomb
damage maps, Fire Brigade and ARP reports in the London
Metropolitan Archive and Local studies libaries- this web site is the
result. If you have any queries relating to my research or anything to do
with the V1 and V2 attacks please contact me .
by e mail

I am also an author and have two published novels "The Lost boy, the
Doodlebug and the mysterious nunber 80" and "The Amazing tale of
Anna Himmel and the Gold Sovereign" ; and also have the pleasure of
writing for the respected communuty Blog
:  "Dulwich on view"

Stephen Henden
Dulwich November 2019