Type PostCode Oldborough Area Positioning Date Time Publish_text Deaths
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Tannsfield Road West side below Girton Road junction

This V1 was found on the LMA bomb damage maps but cannot be found in the Fire Brigade records,nor can any casualties be found.
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Wells Park Road
SE Quadrant of Junction With Longton Avenue

This V1 was found on the LMA bomb damage maps but cannot be found in the Fire Brigade records,nor can any casualties be found.
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Trewsbury Road/Sydenham Road 26/06/1944 04:47 V1 hit Derby House in Trewbury Road. Damage reported in Trewsbury Road Sydenham Road/ Tannsfield Road.Newlands Park/Studland Road/ Homecroft Road/Girton road/
Cator road/Woodbastwick road/Broseley grove/Elvino road/Knighton park road/state cinema sydenham road/all saints church Trewsbury Road
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Westwood Hill and Kirkdale Junction NW Quadrant 02/07/1944 09:47 V1 Hit near Vicarage on Westwood Hill and the following damage is reported :
"The Vicarage Westowood hill severely damaged 3 Westwood Hill 204-224 & 279-201 Kirkdale Damaged. 253-277 & 293-323 Kirkdale & 226-2786 Kikdale & 168-202 & 207-251 Kirkdale & Messr cobbsKirkdale & the Greyhound Kirkdale & Kirkdale Corner and Post office & 171-205 Kirkdale1-97 & 2-114 Peak Hil/1-39 & 2-44 Collingtee Hills/1-45& 2-34 KinverRoad/2-28a 1-49 Peak Hill gardens/1-17&2-22 Peak hill avenue/st bartholemes church Westwood Hill/the old cedards westwood hill/5-7 & 4-20 Westwood hill/2-4 Larie Park Avenue/1-19 Hall drive/1-13 & 2-8 Jews Walk/1-19 & 2-24 Longton grove/5-19 & 2-16 Sydenham Road all Slightly damaged. "
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Champion Park/Adamsrill Road 03/07/1944 01:03 V1 Hit around 199 Adamsril Road. 199-215 & 142-188 Adamsrill severley damaged . Much damage to property in surrounding areas. 2
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Highclere St 05/07/1944 00:55 V1 in Highclere Street
73-79 Highclere St Severeley damaged
26-31 Addington Grove severeley damaged
71&74 Highclere st Damaged
29-33 Sunnydene St Damaged
26-34 & 27-29 Burghil Road Damaged
24,25 & 32 Addington Grove Damaged
Property in the area bounded by Sydenham Road Mayow Road Adamstill Road and ChaMpion Road Slightly damaged.
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Dartmouth Road by Sydenham County School 12/07/1944 15:23 V1 nr Sydenham County School
Area bounded by Dartmouth Road,Sydenham Park Road,Dacres Road and Perry Vale 15 houses demolished and 94 damaged
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Tredown Road Junction with Newlands Park 22/07/1944 00:00 V1 struck in Tredown Road 1
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Tansfield Road SE end was allotments 22/07/1944 15:27 V1 hit Tansfield Road
8 houses demolished 20 severe damage 50 damaged in Tannseidl Road
4 houses demolished 16 severe damage 30 damaged in Newlands Park Road
area bounded by Sydenham rd,venner rd, trewsbury rd slight damage.
V1 SE26 Beckenham Sydenham Border Road/Laurie Park Avenue NE Quadrant 01/08/1944 07:01 V1 attack on Border Road S26 (then in the Borough of Beckenham)
1/3 block of flats demolished in Laurie Park Road 2/3 block of flats (fountain court) and 10 houses damaged at Park court and Fountain Court. 17 houses damaged in Springfield Road, Crystal Palace Park Road,
V1 SE26 Beckenham Beckenham Border Road 03/08/1944 05:10 The second V1 to strike Border Road.
1 house demolished in Border road, 8 houses severe damage in Border crescent and Border rd, 10 houses damaged in Sydenham av,20 houses slight damage in Crystal Palace Park road
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Sunnydene Road/Burghill Road junction 04/08/1944 16:05 V1 in hit Sunnydene Road. 2 houses demolished small fire in debris property in area bounded by sunnydene,addington grove,sydenham rd, previosuly damaged…damaged increase to property affected by previous Flying Bombs 0
V1 SE26 Lewisham Forest Hill Dacres Road 04/08/1944 18:10 V1 on Open Ground but caused severe damage to "St Magnes" which was being used as a heavy rescue station. 20 houses slightly damaged in Dacres Road 0
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Wells Park road/Oaksford Avenue 06/08/1944 00:48 V1 In Well Park Road 12 houses demolished 14 severe damage water main fractures property in area taylors lane,wells park rd,springfield rd damaged 0
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Sydenham Park N Side by Railway 09/08/1944 06:31 V1 in Sydenham Park 5 houses demolished property in area Dacre rd,sydenham rd,silverdale damaged 2
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Relingue/Portcawe Road 16/08/1944 18:31 V1 hit Relingue Road. 10 houses demolished 6 severe damage in Pothcawe
2 shops and flats demolished 2 houses demolished 9 severe damage in Relingue
4 houses demolished 7 severe damage in Maddin rd
Property bounded by Bell green ln,sydenham rd, Haseldine rd, madden rd,winchfield rd damaged
V1 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Sydenham Road between Watlington Road and Fairlawn 22/08/1944 01:05 V1 in Sydenham Road. 8 shops and flats and 4 houses demolished 12 flats 6 houses st phillips catholic chruch and 6 shops/flats (previosuly damaged) severe damage. Gas and water main fractured.medium fire.Propertyy bounded by highclere rd,sunnydene st,fairlawn park,wallington grove,addington grove damaged 1
V2 se26 Lewisham Lewisham Airburst over sydenham station
Airburst over Sydenham Station
02/11/1944 10:05 V2 Airburst over Sydenham station 0
V2 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Dartmouth Road/Charlecote Grove/Thorpwood Avenue 08/01/1945 12:13 V2 fell in Sydenham county school grounds…..Damaged school which had been already damaged in 1941 by a parachute mine
. 20 houses damaged in Charcote Grove,3 blocks of flats and 15 houses damaged in Cheseman st. Area bounded by Sydenham hill,Kirkdale,Sydenham Park rd,Thorpwood av slight damage 15 injured
v2 SE26 Lewisham Sydenham Panmure Road/Kelvin Grove/Mount ash Road Sydenham 14/01/1945 16:13 V2 caused a fire due to burnings coals….rescuers tried to cut through a party wall to reach a trapped child but a sudden gust of wind fanned the glames and the child was burned to death……14 dead and 80 injuries.
A row of houses had simply caved in from the rear where the rocket had fallen in the garden.
8 houses demolished and 21 severe damage in Panmure + small fire
Business premises and 13 houses damaged in Kelvin grove
A range of buildings used as a school damaged in Kelvin Grove
49 houses damaged in Mount Ash Road
Rest centre slight damage in Kirkdale
Area bounded by Kirkdale,Thorpwood av,radlet av,round hill,dartmouth rd,halifax st,well park rd, slight damage
V2 SE26 Beckenham Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Park Road 15/03/1945 01:03 The V2 struck at the top of Crystal Palace Park road which at the time was on the border of the borough of Beckenham. Because of the location which was where Penge, Beckenham, Lewisham and Dulwich adjoined there was much confusion, damage occurred in both Beckenham and Lewisham.
It is reported in ARP records that at one point ambulances were actually sent away because it wasn’t clear which area the incident happened in.
The Rocket demolished 2 4 storey Victorian houses at 73-75 Crystal Palace Park Road. They had been converted into flats
2 fires in debris of demolished houses. 2 houses demolished in Westwood hill
16 houses severe damage in Westwood hill crystal palace park road, hillcrest road,36 houses and 1 block of flats slight damage in Westwood hill, Crystal Palace Park Road ,Hillcrest road.
The site of the demolished houses in Crystal Palace Park Road now forms an additional entrance to the park. On the other side of the road the badly damaged houses in Hillcrest Crescent have been replaced with post war housing.