V1 and V2 Statistics
V1 & V2 statistics : South London By week
Southwark, Lambeth,Deptford,Bermondsey,Lewisham,

I selected this part of London to analise as it is my home territory and
very familar to me and  of most interest.  When begining the study I
took the decision to concentrate in detail on one area rather than at a
less detailed level on the whole of London. This was purely a matter of
time available.

The Sources used are :
London Fire Brigade Records
Bomb Damage Maps for London and Croydon
Croydon Borough Engineers reports
ARP records where available
Commonwealth War Graves Commission

There are numerous inconsistencies between these records which I
have ironed out as far as possible but some errors/discrepancies will
always remain. Casualty figures are obtained in most cases from the
Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site.  I will be most
greatful if anyone is able to highlight any errors and ommissions I have
V1 & V2 statistics : South London By Post
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Incident logs
V1 & V2 statistics : All London Boroughs