V1 and V2 Timeline
V2 Rockets
October 1942
First successful Rocket test firing by Nazis
December 1942
First test launch of a V1 Flying bomb
June 1943
British intelligence identifies a Rocket on the Peenemunde   secret weapon site
August 1943
Peenemunde site bombed by RAF   delaying the onset of the V1and V2 attacks
Winter 1943
The Allied bombers destroy many Flying bomb sites in the Pas  De Calais area.
This delays the start of the attacks but the Nazis build  new, more portable, launch sites
12thJune 1944
The first salvo of Flying bombs are launched against London
13thJune 1944
First V1 to hit London   lands in Grove Road Hackney killing 6 people
16thJune 1944
73 Flying bombs have hit London  by this date
The British newspapers report that "Pilotless planes" are now raiding Britain
V1 hits Guards Chapel St James in the middle of morning   service killing 141
Anti Aircraft Guns in London   area are ordered to stop shooting down V1's as they are falling on built up  areas
Anti aircraft guns and Barrage balloons are now  established in a line along the North Downs in Kent
30thJune 1944
V1 explodes outside Air Ministry  in the   Aldwych killing 48 people
30th    June 1944
70-100 V1 a day are now reaching London
4th    July 1944
617 Squadron   bomb V1 storage depots in France  
5thJuly 1944
Churchill makes a statement about the V1 attacks in   parliament
6th/7th July
Immediate benefit is felt in reduced V1 launches owing to   Allied bombing raid on the 4th July
19st July 1944
Guns are moved from the North Downs   to The coast to provide a better chance of shooting down the Flying bombs
28th July1944
Lewisham Market is hit by a V1 killing 59 people
2nd    August 1944
Restaurant in Beckenham hit by a V1 killing 44
Between 21:00 2nd   august
and 20.59 3rd August
104 Flying bombs hit London   The worst day since late June
5th August
Co-op in Lordship lane East Dulwich   hit. 23 are killed
From about 10thAugst   1944
The Rate of V1 strikes in London   is drastically reduced as the air defences become more effective
End August 1944
Flying bomb sites in France   overrun by allies and V1 attacks on London   tail off
7th    September 1944
Herbert Morrison announces that the Battle of London is  over
8th September
First V2 strikes in Stavely Road Chiswick
17th    September 1944
Allied operation Market Garden parachutes thousands of   troops into the Netherlands   and the V2 attacks are stopped
First Week of October
V2 attacks re-commence from new position in the Hague
October 1944
Nazis begin air launching Flying bombs
10th  November 1944
Churchill admits Britain  is under attack again
25th    November 1944
V2 hits Woolworths New Cross killing 173 people
26th    December 1944
V2 hits Prince of Wales pub in Mckenzie Road Islington 68   killed
8th    March 1945
110 People Killed when V2 hits Smithfield Market
27th    March 1945
Hughes mansion Stepney hit by V2 131 people killed
27th    March 1945
Final V2 fall in Court Road Orpington killing 1 person
28th    March 1945
Last V1 lands at Swanscombe
In the area of South London detailed in this site  the worst week is week commencing 25th June. 125 V1's hit the
area and at least 357 people are killed
The same day a V1 hit Kensington High Street Killing 45
3rd July 1944
74 people are killed when US army living quarters are hit at Sloane Court in Chelsea